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Performs the entire control operations of the electric locomotive

Designed using state of art 32 bit microcontrollers .The system has the feature of double CPU redundancy  in its design.

Monitors as many as 112  digital inputs,10 analog inputs simultaneously  and  activates 64 digital outputs for doing various functions of locomotive as per the driver commands.

The driver desk display has the facility of showing the existing fault in the locomotive along with the corrective action to be taken by the loco crew.

Communicates with various  analog sensing units  in different compartments of the locomotive for fetching  informations  like traction motor voltages, Traction motor currents  etc.

Wheel Slip Detection and Control for the traction motors.

Remote monitoring of the locomotive with respect to its location and the functioning and the status of the critical parameters on board through GPS and GPRS based navigation systems.

Sr. No. Product Description Name of Product
1 25 KV Electric Locomotive Micro Processor Based Control and Fault Diagnostic System Download