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Manufacture of  DC Traction Motors is different from the manufacture of industrial DC motors. This is a precision  motor and each and every component has to be manufactured within very close tolerances. Inspection and Testing has to be carried out at each and every stage of manufacture.

 The D.C Motors have large output out of a compact frame. They have to withstand mechanical and electrical stresses due to frequent starts and stops of locomotives. The insulation system should withstand sudden current surges and withstand severe thermal cycles. 

To withstand frequent variations of the torque, the  shaft is manufactured from EN 25 material by all the recent traction motor manufacturers.

Commutation problems are mainly due to defects in the manufacture of Commutator. The Skew and Pitch of commutator has to be maintained within very close tolerances. The ovality of the  commutator should be kept as low as possible.

The above all can be achieved with the help of the Plant & Machinery combined with the processes proposed by us.

Since most of the existing motors are  designed with earlier insulating materials like Mica, Glass Mica insulation and Glass covered conductors it is possible to increase the ratings of the existing motors by 25-50% by the use of the latest Class 220?C insulating materials like  Nomex, Kapton and Class 220?C solvent less varnishes.

Process & Procedures:

By adopting the pre defined design and work procedures in the repair and manufacture of Traction Motors in the plant proposed by us Bangladesh Railway will definitely be able to give better services.

  • Plant Lay out is prepared keeping in view the flow of manufacturing process.
  • Periodic maintenance and over-hauling are very important and to be strictly enforced for long life of the motors.
  • We have given the list of equipment we propose to supply. A brief explanation of critical items  is given below:

Sr. No. Product Description Name of Product
1 abc Blowers with AC Motors for Locomotives